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Take advantage of our low priced hearing aid supplies and accessories. Our Philadelphia hearing aid center has everything you need to keep your hearing aids functioning including hearing aid batteries, domes, receivers, wax guards, ear molds, cleaning spray, ear gels, chargers, and a whole lot more.

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Free 30-Day Hearing Aid Trial Period

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Jen Sweeney, Co-founder and Shawn Guido, Co-founder, B.S.-HIS/IHS

Jen Sweeney, Co-founder and Shawn Guido, Co-founder, B.S.-HIS/IHS

Being a Family-Owned Philadelphia Hearing Aid Center Benefits You

L2L is a family-owned, operated, and independent Philadelphia hearing aid center. Our hearing specialists achieve superior ratings in providing individualized hearing loss services and aftercare support.

Listen 2 Life Hearing Centers has 7 locations in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties to serve you – each offering complete hearing loss diagnostics including hearing tests (even online hearing tests), hearing aid fittings, tuneups, calibrations, testing, hearing aid repairs, and, of course, the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art hearing aids, accessories and supplies.

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At Listen 2 Life hearing aid centers, hearing specialists are specifically trained to detect, assess, and treat hearing problems and hearing loss in adults and children. If you feel that you or your children may be affected by hearing loss, please schedule a hearing test.

If your hearing loss diagnosis suggests a hearing aid, we’ll choose one together that best meets your physiological and lifestyle needs. But, remember, the selection of a hearing aid is relatively useless unless you have the proper support. And, that’s where we excel.


Schedule Your Hearing Test

You Can Have the
Hearing Aid of
Your Dreams

L2L has partnered with Allegro Credit, a leading financing company, to offer you flexible financing options and low monthly payments for the hearing aid of your dreams. Allegro Credit is a superior alternative to high interest rate credit cards and, like Listen 2 Life, proudly offers unparalleled live customer service.

  • Affordable Monthly Payments: fixed terms up to 120 months
  • Monthly payments and low interest rates remain the same throughout the life of your loan
  • Absolutely no application costs or hidden fees
  • Convenient payment options: check and money order accepted by mail, phone and web


Allegro Credit

Apply for Free with Allegro online or at one of our hearing center locations. You’ll receive a credit decision within moments and be on your way to owning the hearing aid of your dreams! Based on credit approval. Your personal information is kept entirely confidential.

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