Phantom Orchestras and Musical Hallucinations

Woman on computer with musical hallucinations

  Do you have a tune stuck in your head? While it’s common to have a little lingering earworm after listening to a particularly catchy song, if you can actually hear a tune that no one else can, you may be experiencing a musical hallucination. Before you begin doubting your

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Can Music Relieve Pain?

Smiling woman using headphones to listen to music

  Ears are useful things, aren’t they? They’re involved in participating in conversations, warning us of approaching dangers, and as little ledges on which to rest the arms of our eyeglasses. They can also play a part in relieving the pain and anxiety associated with medical procedures. And no, we’re

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Six Tips on How to Care for Your Hearing Aids

How to care for your hearing aids

  Looking after your hearing aid properly can help to optimize its function and prolong its life. Considering that hearing aids can’t be replaced at the convenience store for $2, they are a significant investment that will require daily care. Hearing aids spend a lot of time in an environment

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How Do I Know If My Child Has Hearing Loss?

How do I know if my child has hearing loss?

If you’re the parent of a young child (or even a not-so-young child), you’d be familiar with the constant worry and anxiety that comes with being responsible for the survival of a little human being who likes to run on the road and lick power outlets. To add to the

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Do You Need a Hearing Test?

Do I need a hearing test

  Shearing vest? Cheer request? Earring press? Hmm, well let’s look into this a little further. Close to 15% of adults in the US report some difficulty with hearing and about 2% of adults between the ages of 45 and 54 have disabling hearing loss impacting their daily lives. According

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Do Online Hearing Tests Really Work?

Take an Online Hearing Test in Less than 5 Minutes

  Nowadays you can get almost anything online. From ordering groceries to finding your future wife, the internet has almost anything and everything you can think of. Although online healthcare, also known as telehealth, existed before the coronavirus pandemic, the value of such services has arguably increased significantly as people

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