All about Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

A hearing aid needs a reliable supply of power, and that comes from a battery. Most hearing aids operate on a zinc-air battery. This type of battery is inactive until you peel off the protective sticker and expose the back of the battery to air. Once exposed, the battery turns on and is ready to deliver power to your hearing aid.

Hearing aid batteries come in a variety of different sizes. The size battery you’ll need depends on the size of your hearing aid. Larger hearing aids generally need bigger batteries. To make life easier, batteries are color-coded according to size. With this system, you can quickly choose the right size batter by color, once you know the size you need.

How Long Does a Battery Last?

One question many people ask is how long a hearing aid battery will last. A battery can last anywhere from a few days up to three weeks. The lifespan of a battery depends on the type of battery, how often you use your hearing aid and what accessories you might use with your hearing aid.

To maximize the life of your hearing aid battery, remove the battery when you’re not using it, and store it in a dry place at room temperature. Leave the door of your hearing aid open to let the inside dry out. Never skip this step since moisture is the enemy of your hearing aid and battery. Keep batteries away from other metal items like keys, coins, fingernail clippers, et cetera.

Keep a stash of extra batteries on hand since batteries can lose power with little warning. Fortunately, some hearings aids give you warning “beeps” when the battery power drops below a certain level. When a hearing aid battery loses power, change it immediately. Over time, a dead battery can expand in size and become hard to remove. If sounds become hard to hear or are distorted, first try changing the battery.

Where to Purchase?

You can buy batteries in a number of places, including pharmacies and electronic stores. Hearing care professionals also usually sell batteries, and some offer discount programs. If you have any questions about buying batteries for your hearing aid, a hearing care professional will be happy to answer your questions.