Are There “Invisible” Hearing Aids?

Invisible Hearing Aids

One reason people hesitate to get a hearing aid is they think it will make them look “old.” Today’s hearing aids are a far cry from the ones your grandparents used to wear. There are now a variety of styles, including hearing aids that can’t be seen when worn deep within the ear, to choose from.

Types of Hearing Aids

One type of “discrete” hearing aid is a smaller unit that fits behind your ear. These hearing aids have attached a clear, miniature tubing that connects the device to a tip inside your ear. Other models fit inside your outer ear. Although small and discrete, this type of hearing aid isn’t always powerful enough for people with severe hearing loss. The small size can also make handling more difficult.

The least visible of all are hearing aids are those that fit into your ear canal. These hearing aids aren’t for everyone. Some are designed to be worn deep within the ear canal, where they are almost completely invisible. They may be customized to fit your ear canal for maximum comfort. The down side is that these hearing aids require more frequent cleaning.

If you have severe hearing loss, you may not be a candidate for a small hearing aid. Plus, the small size makes them somewhat harder to handle. Still, they’re an option for some folks who want the least visible hearing aid possible.

The Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about the cosmetic aspects of wearing a hearing aid, you may be a candidate for a small hearing aid that fits into your ear canal and is not readily visible to other people. A trained audiologist can evaluate you and see if a small, invisible hearing device will work for you.