Are You Over 50? It’s Time to Schedule Your Free Hearing Test

Audiologist giving a hearing test to a female patient

Did you know that May is Better Hearing and Speech Month?

Our ability to communicate with our loved ones is such an important part of our lives and this month we would like to share some information about better hearing, so we can keep you engaged with your loved ones and take care of those ears of yours!

Many people walk around with unidentified hearing loss, often not realizing that they are misunderstanding words, because we get used to not hearing.

We have also learned through research that untreated hearing loss is related to poor health outcomes connected to the risk of falls and cognitive decline, among others.

Early identification and intervention for hearing loss is key! So use this opportunity to get an annual hearing test!

Starting at the age of 55, it is recommended that you have an annual evaluation of your hearing.

Make sure to protect those ears! Our hearing is sensitive, and we want to protect it and make sure our ears are not being damaged by loud sounds around us. Watch those noise levels and wear ear protection when you are attending a concerts or a firework displays, or even just mowing the lawn, etc.

If you want to take extra good care of your ears, come in and talk to us about ear protection!

And remember, communication is a two-way street! If you have a loved one affected by hearing loss, follow these communication strategies to help facilitate better communication:

  • Speak clearly! Make sure to enunciate and not talk too fast
  • Get your loved one’s attention before you speak and look at them
  • When in a group setting, have one person talking at a time
  • Try to minimize distractions such as background noise

Take care of your ears and stop in to see us!

Schedule a 100% free hearing test and no-obligation consultation today.

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