Online Hearing Aid Store

Convenient Shopping for Hearing Aid Supplies at the Best Prices in Our New Online Store

Like any other device, hearing aids work best when they are cleaned and maintained properly. It’s easy to do if you have the right equipment, which is why we’ve opened an online store for hearing aid accessories. Now you can shop for cleaning and dehumidification supplies, batteries, and ear care solutions in one stop.

Cleaning devices and supplies
It’s important to keep hearing aids clean. Regular cleaning removes dirt and grime from the hearing aids and ensures that they can work properly. If dirt gets into the internal components of the hearing aid, the clear transmission of sound can be compromised. And if ear wax clogs the speaker of the hearing aid, the sounds that are transmitted can be muted.

Hearing aids can’t be cleaned with water or regular cleaning brushes. They will damage the sensitive, tiny components. Only special tools and solutions can be used and we offer several.

The PerfectClean® device is patented specifically for the safe and effective drying of all types of hearing aids in 60 minutes. It also removes ear wax from the hearing devices. In addition, it disinfects more than 99 percent of the bacteria in the hearing aid receiver.

Solutions for manual cleaning area also available. Cleaning sprays and cleaning wipes dissolve earwax and effectively clean hearing aids. Cleaning spray is recommended for cleaning the surfaces of the earmold itself and the in-the-ear (ITE) unit. Cleaning wipes are individually packaged, and anti-microbial wipes are available in 30, 90 and 160 unit packages.

The right tools
The old saying “A place for every tool and every tool in its place” is true when it comes to hearing aids, as well. The right tools are necessary to clean ear wax from the ear mold and tiny components of hearing aids. Our multi-tool kit includes a vent brush and a black cleaning brush with a wax loop and magnet that makes retrieving batteries from hearing aids much easier. It’s contained in its own tool kit.

Moisture can damage hearing aids. That is why it is important to use dehumidifiers that remove all moisture from inside the hearing aid. When storing hearing aids, it’s important to leave the cover of the container open to allow moisture to evaporate. In addition, it’s a good idea to use dehumidifiers regularly.

The PerfectDry Lux® is the world’s fastest hearing aid dehumidifier. It’s a storage device that also dehumidifies all types of hearing aids with an air fan and high-tech dehumidification capability.

The PerfectDry Q.R.® is a fast-drying medical device for large hearing systems like cochlear implants. An electronic system controls the maintenance chamber at a constant temperature and completes the dehumidification cycle in only 45 minutes.

Manual drying works as well. We offer drying capsules separately and as part of a drying kit. The drying capsules contain silica gel that absorb and remove moisture from the hearing aids. The capsules are used with a drying cup and discarded when the color of the gel changes from orange to white.

Ear care
One of the most important factors in ensuring that hearing aids work well is keeping the ears clean and free of ear wax. If ear wax builds up and clogs, or completely blocks the ear canal, hearing is impaired and the hearing aid cannot do its job. Ear wax is a major issue for the elderly, who wear the majority of hearing aids in the United States. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery “more than one-third of the geriatric population” has “excessive or impacted” ear wax that is “underdiagnosed and likely undertreated.”

Ear sprays can help to remove ear wax before it can build up. Oils and gels can care for the skin in and around the ear and prevent irritation from hearing aids. Our store offers several different products.

  • Odinell Ear Spray: This ear spray contains “surface-active” substances that can remove earwax efficiently. When used regularly it prevents ear wax from forming, cleans the ear canal and removes residual ear wax. It will also prevent the ear canal from becoming irritated.
  • Natural Lubricant/Oil is recommended for new hearing aid users. It is all-natural almond oil that makes it easier to insert and remove hearing aids while reducing irritation.
  • Skincare Gel combats skin irritation and itchy ear. It also makes it easier to insert and remove hearing aids and helps to protect the skin.

Using the right type of battery extends the life of hearing aids. Our new store stocks batteries in the following sizes:

  • 675 (blue)
  • 10 (yellow)
  • 13 (orange)
  • 312 (brown)

We also offer a battery tester that quickly and easily tests all types of air zinc or rechargeable batteries.

Caring for hearing aids protects the investment you have made in them. Cleaning them regularly will protect their components and help them to function well for a long time. Taking care of your ears will avoid irritation and ensure that they’re clean and can receive clear, maximum sound.