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Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid Review

Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids

The Opn S is a family of four hearing aids by Oticon, a premium hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark. And like many things out of Scandinavia, Oticon Opn S hearing aids are designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. Don’t be fooled though, as we’re about to discover, simplicity in the context of the Oticon Opn S hearing aid family doesn’t mean a lack of features.


Meet the Family

The baby of the family is the miniRITE hearing aid, Oticon’s smallest behind-the-ear (BTE) device with the receiver designed to fit snugly in the ear canal, connected by an unobtrusive wire. The miniRITE T is slightly larger to accommodate a telecoil for venues and public locations installed with looping systems, while the miniRITE R differentiates itself with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The daddy of the family is the Opn S BTE PP, a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid featuring a telecoil and the capacity for enough power to manage severe to profound hearing loss while the other three family members all cover mild to severe conditions. All models are available in seven casing colors for easy camouflage with your skin tone or hair color.


Hear 360 Degrees Around You

All Oticon Opn S hearing aids are designed to allow you to effortlessly participate in busy sound environments – think dinner party or perhaps a particularly enthusiastic board meeting. As one of the biggest challenges for those with hearing loss is understanding speech against a noisy background, the technology incorporated into the Opn S hearing aid family is designed to provide what we call a 360-degree sound experience, whether you want to focus only on the one speaker in front of you or receive input from multiple sources in your surrounds. Studies conducted by Oticon researchers found that users of the Opn S hearing aids were actually able to achieve the same level of both speech recognition and listening effort as those without hearing loss. The upgraded OpenSound Navigator function analyzes sounds from the surrounding environment at more than 100 times a second, delivering a balanced soundscape by reducing background sounds to an audible but unintrusive level so you still receive the full sound picture.


Adapt to Your Dynamic Soundscape

Oticon’s Opn S series is also equipped with OpenSound Optimizer technology, providing the user up to 6 additional decibels of gain without risking feedback. Traditional hearing aids often come with issues relating to feedback, not only in the form of audible whistling or squealing from the hearing aid, but even in situations such as the sound quality through the aid while chewing food, talking on the phone, or coming in for a tight hug. While other hearing aids respond to feedback in a reactive manner, Oticon’s OpenSound Optimizer is designed to proactively disrupt potential feedback by monitoring microphone input across almost 30 frequency channels, 56,000 times per second. The result is clearer and more consistent sound quality despite challenging and suddenly changing dynamic sound environments, as well as allowing the specialist at your local hearing aid center to provide you with a more enhanced, personalized fit because the hearing aid you’ve chosen is so adaptable.


Connect to Your Devices

As with many modern hearing aids for modern people, the Oticon Opn S hearing aid family is equipped with connectivity to various devices, including your smartphone, tablet, TV, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices for direct streaming to your hearing aid. While Opn S hearing aids are designed with inbuilt push buttons for volume control and listening programs, they are all also enabled to connect wirelessly to the Oticon ON smartphone app – this allows you access to even more personalized controls, such as checking battery levels, boosting settings for extra challenging sound environments, and even accessing counselling advice.


Recharge Overnight

The Opn S miniRITE R is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery for those who like to keep things simple without needing to think about battery replacement. The sleekly designed charging station gives you fully charged hearing aids in just 3 hours, powering your aids for a full day of comfortable hearing. If the charge dwindles before you’re ready to turn in for the night (perhaps that enthusiastic board meeting was really enthusiastic), just a short half hour stint on the inductive charging port gives you another whole 6 hours of power.

Choosing a hearing aid, especially in today’s world with so many options and features, can be overwhelming. Once you’ve undertaken an audiogram, the hearing aid specialists at L2L can guide you through your options and discuss which model will best suit your lifestyle and hearing loss requirements. Oticon hearing aids purchased through L2L are also accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a lifetime of check-ups, recalibrations, comfort adjustments, and biannual cleaning with our hearing aid specialists.