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The Signia Styletto X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto X Hearing Aid

We’ve come a long way from ear trumpets, you’ll be pleased to know. While hearing loss has historically been associated with a degree of stigma, with modern technology and contemporary hearing aid designs, you can now step out in style without compromising the clarity of your hearing. The Signia Styletto X hearing aid by Signia is suitable for a range of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and is even enabled with a tinnitus relief function.

After completing an audiogram at a hearing aid center such as Listen 2 Life Hearing Centers in Philadelphia, your audiologist or hearing aid specialist can discuss with you whether the Styletto X is the most suitable hearing aid for you. For now, we’ll just unpack all the features you should know.


The Signia Styletto X is a Slim Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

The Signia Styletto X is a conventional RIC hearing aid (receiver-in-canal) on a strict regime of diet and exercise, with 80% of people preferring its award-winning slim-line design to older, bulkier models. The fact that the case sits behind the ear externally allows the Styletto X hearing aid to have the size capacity for greater battery power and functionality but without compromising on appearances as its sleek build tucks discreetly behind your ear. There are five housing colors available to suit all styles, whether you prefer a timeless, classic white, or something a little more fashion-forward in cosmic blue and rose gold (to match your smartphone). The shell of the case can also be easily changed at Listen 2 Life Hearing Aid Centers as your tastes update with the times.


What Is The Signia Xperience?

The Styletto X hearing aid is equipped with the Signia Xperience chip, which enables a significant amount of adaptability to your changing environment. Unless you’re a happy homebody, your surroundings are constantly shifting, and so is your soundscape. From the quiet of a park in the early morning to the rushing of peak traffic, the background chatter of a restaurant to the waiter approaching behind you to ask if you’d like more wine – the acoustic environment is dynamic and ever-moving. While traditional hearing aids usually assume the wearer is stationary, the Signia Styletto X hearing aid with Xperience technology combines input from inbuilt motion sensors with additional acoustic data to provide you clear, natural, and uncompromised sound from what’s directly in front of you, in back of you, and around you.


Wireless Charger for the Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

In keeping with your active lifestyle, the Signia Styletto X hearing aid contains a Signia rechargeable lithium ion battery that is compatible with the world’s first Qi-powered wireless hearing aid charger by Signia. The portable charging case is pocket-sized and has the capacity to hold three full charges to power your Styletto X for up to 4 days of use. The slim-line wireless charging case is also able to fast charge, boosting your hearing aids with up to 5 hours of regular wear-time after only half an hour of charging.


Listen to Music and TV with the Signia Styletto X

So, we’ve established that you’re stylish, you’re active, and we’re pretty sure you also want to live a connected life. The Styletto X hearing aid is equipped with direct Bluetooth connectivity to both Android and iPhone smartphone operating systems for the convenient streaming of phone calls and audio entertainment, including from your TV.

All Signia Xperience-powered hearing aids also connect directly into the Signia app to give you full control over personalizing your hearing experience. The Styletto X hearing aid has no onboard controls, contributing to its slim-line design, but can be fully and remotely adjusted via the user-friendly smartphone app. The app also gives you access to an artificial intelligence companion named the Signia Assistant. Through advanced machine learning, the Assistant is able to support you in difficult listening situations by offering tailored, individualized solutions according to your hearing preferences.


Highest IP Ratings for Durability

Signia’s Styletto X hearing aid is awarded one of the highest possible IP ratings due to its robust housing and design. The IP code (International Protection or Ingress Protection rating) is an official classification describing the degree of protection of enclosed electrical devices against both solids and liquids. The IP68 rating will give you great peace of mind that your Styletto X hearing aid is not only durable but will guard against moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt.


Tinnitus Therapy

The Styletto X is equipped with tinnitus therapy controls, incorporating five static noise types and four ocean wave signals, depending on your preference. The tinnitus relief setting may be used as isolated tinnitus therapy signals or in mixed mode.

Hearing loss doesn’t need to cramp your style. The audiologists at L2L are available to answer any questions you may have about the Signia Styletto X hearing aid or any other Signia hearing aids you may be interested in. Signia hearing aids purchased through L2L are accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a lifetime of check-ups, recalibrations, comfort adjustments, and biannual cleanings with our hearing aid specialists.