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Why You May Want to Think Twice Before Buying Costco Hearing Aids

There are many differences between L2L Hearing Centers and big box retailers like Costco. At Listen 2 Life Hearing Center, we pride ourselves on the level of care and satisfaction provided to each of our patients.

There are many reasons why a patient would prefer to come to L2L Hearing Centers over Costco.

  • Qualifications: Costco experiences high turnover rates with its hearing aid fitters and most have just 6-9 months of experience. Most of them cannot thoroughly explain types of hearing loss or give a comprehensive consultation. They more or less just recommend the purchase of hearing aids. L2L gives comprehensive hearing evaluations and consultations and sits with each patient and a third party to answer all questions. We also demonstrate and further discuss options best suited for a patient.
  • Hearing Aid Choices: Costco is limited to selling private label hearing aids. Listen 2 Life, on the other hand, has accounts with all hearing aid manufacturers and is not limited if a patient has a preference. You can not get an unbiased consultation at Costco because of this. Costco simply has no access to what a patient may need. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to hearing loss. Many who wear hearing aids have gone through various brands and do have a preference.
  • Patient Experience and Level of Care: This is a top priority at L2L Hearing Centers. With each purchase of a hearing aid, L2L provides lifetime aftercare meaning patients are welcome to come in for cleanings, adjustments, or just to say hello. We also provide free batteries to our patients. We pride ourselves in having a welcoming and friendly environment from the first phone call all the way through their hearing aid journey and beyond. Shawn will even offer house calls to those in need. If you look at our reviews, you can easily see that people recall the experience often over the actual device chosen. We are concerned about improving the patients quality of life, not a hard sale. In turn, our patients often refer their friends and family.
  • Service, Aftercare, and a Comfortable Setting: At Costco you are in a 6×6 sound room in the warehouse. The atmosphere is not appealing to most. A lot of first-time users who originally bought their hearing aids from Costco come to L2L because they realize how crucial service, aftercare, and a comfortable setting are to their hearing aid experience. We are the antithesis of places like Costco. We are not a fishbowl/tight type environment. Research has actually shown that patients are willing to pay more for a good experience but they don’t have to pay more with L2L. Our pricing is on par iwht Costco hearing aid prices but you’ll find that we offer better technology and a better overall experience.

Once you buy a Costco hearing aid, you are stuck with them. Our model is about establishing relationships with patients that will last many years.