Musician Hearing Protection

Musicians face a quandary when performing in public venues. They need to protect their hearing yet also need to hear their own music along with the music and voices of those performing with them. Conventional earplugs offer adequate protection but it’s often just too much. They muffle voices and instrument sound.

Additionally, musicians, according to Hearing Review, differentiate themselves from non-musicians in that they tend to have more advanced auditory perception, working memory, and a more advanced ability to discern speech in the midst of noise.

The fact is that just about every musical instrument has the potential of producing levels of sound that can damage a musicians hearing that can result not just in hearing loss but tinnitus, loudness intolerance and pitch-perception issues. And because, as we mentioned, musicians need to hear their own music and the music of their colleagues, conventional earplugs are not useful. However, moderate attenuation, high fidelity earplugs are useful. They serve the musicians needs while significantly reducing the risk of music-induced hearing disorders.

What Is A High Fidelity Earplug?

The term “high fidelity” means that sound is reproduced at or near levels of the original sound. So, when we combine “high fidelity” with an earplug, it means that the earplug will reduce damaging sound levels while maintaining (at or near) the quality of the original sound.

The Best Musician Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs are offered in non-custom and custom sizes, filters, and molds. Custom musicians earplugs offer high fidelity and sound protection and consist of a diaphragm for acoustic compliance and an earmold that acts as an acoustic mass. The result of the two is a smooth, flat attenuation (sound reduction) that spreads nicely across the sound frequency range. Musicians earplugs also are packaged with filters, sometimes referred to as attenuator buttons, that are interchangeable. For instance, it is not uncommon for a guitarist to use a heavier filter for the ear closer to the drummer. Earmolds are cast and cured and should be made to extend past the 2nd ear bend well into the ear canal which prevents unbalanced attenuation and allows the musician to move freely onstage.

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