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Starkey is big on innovation. They believe that hearing is as essential as breathing. And therein lies the passion for what they do.

Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid

Starkey Livio Edge AI
Hearing Aids

Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid is Starkey’s latest hearing aid and is available in BTE, RIC, ITE, and ITC styles. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver impeccable sound quality in the most noisy listening environments. The Livio Edge AI suppresses unwanted sound, will automatically boost speech sounds when it detects that the wearer is wearing a face mask, will stream phone calls, TV, and music more crisply and clearly, and uses Bluetooth technology.

Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid is rechargeable and the batteries will last for 24 hours before recharging is needed. It also boasts all of the features of the Livio AI hearing aid but also features fall detection and alerts as well as language translation in real time. You can also use it to track steps, specific environment and engagement metrics, transcription, and reminders.

Starkey Livio AI
Hearing Aids

The Starkey Livio AI hearing aid let’s you hear speech comfortably even in noisy environments. With superior undistorted sound quality, your listening experience is clear with more natural sound transitions. It also turns on automatically when removed from the charger. Using two radio frequencies allows you to stream phone calls, music, TV, and more with better sound quality and in noisy environments. The touch of a button answers phone calls right to your hearing aid.

The Starkey Livio AI hearing aid also is designed with mask mode where it will boost sound and speech intensity when it detects that you’re wearing a face mask, body tracking (steps made throughout the day), transcription ability, reminders, and brain tracking. With Hearing Care anywhere, your hearing specialist can make remote adjustments to your hearing aid.

The Starkey Livio AI hearing aid is available in BTE, RIC, ITE, and ITC styles. Each is available in rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

Starkey Picasso
Hearing Aids

Starkey Picasso hearing aids are custom fit hearing aids which are available in ITE, ITC, IIC, and CIC styles. As a result, you get a comfortable and invisible fit. They sit securely and completely in your ear and will not get tangled or pulled out from earbuds or face masks.

Starkey Picasso hearing aids offer a high-quality sound experience with superior listening clarity. There is no distortion in loud environments and clarity is impeccable in soft sound environments. And it’s easily adaptable to new sounds. You also won’t experience any buzzing or whistling feedback.

The Starkey Picasso hearing aid is also wireless so you can stream your phone calls, TV, music, and more.

Do you suffer from tinnitus? Picasso’s advanced, customizable technology offers you relief from ringing in the ears.