Ear Gear Micro Hearing Aid Comfort, Protection and Security Clip


  • Fits Hearing Instruments up to 1”
  • Secure Your Hearing Aid or Amplifier
  • Protects from Sweat, Dirt, Moisture, Loss and Wind Noise

HEARING AID ARMOR – Secure your Hearing Aid – Protect Your Hearing Aids from Sweat, Dirt, Moisture, Loss and Wind Noise – Ear Gear Micro comes with a double layer nylon-spandex blended sleeve and is available with a strong clip & stretch cord (for corded models). Ear Gear Micro fits hearing aids and amplifiers from up to 1”

YOUR PERFECT CHOICE FOR COMFORT, SECURITY AND PROTECTION – Ear Gear provides worry-free protection for hearing aid wearers of all ages at work, on the beach, during gardening, while playing sports, traveling and anything else you might be doing!

STRONG, DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY RETAINING CLIP – Ear Gear Retaining Clips are the best in the industry and won’t damage your shirt. Easy to open and lock close for kids, adults and seniors! Retaining Clips come with all Ear Gear Corded models.

PROTECT FROM DIRT, DUST, MOISTURE AND WIND NOISE – Ear Gear is acoustically transparent and will not affect the quality or sound level! Better yet, Ear Gear will prevent dust, dirt and wind noise from interfering. Ear Gear has a unique double wall of spandex that provides protection against sweat, rain, and moisture of all kinds!