Oticon miniFit Receivers


The Oticon miniFit Receiver is compatible with RITE Alta, Nera, Ria, and OPN hearing aids.

It features even better sound quality, greater fitting flexibility, and delivers new acoustic performance with better comfort, sound quality, less feedback, redefined fitting ranges and improved handling. And with the soft wires attached, users will barely notice them when wearing.

The 60 Power Receiver
The 60 receiver fits hearing loss up to 60dB hearing loss – and comes in Oticon’s smallest housing ever. Its curved and rectangular shape gives the user a more comfortable physical fit. Combined with the new miniFit domes – the 60 receiver delivers improved retention.

The 85 Power Receiver
For moderate to severe hearing losses the 85 receiver delivers a fitting range up to a 85dB hearing loss in a new slightly curved and rectangular receiver housing for better comfort. Designed with a double block transceiver inside, the 85 receiver delivers an impressive sound quality with very little distortion and unwanted feedback is reduced.

The 100 Power Receiver
Users in need of powerful amplification will benefit from Oticon’s new 100db receiver. Its discreet dome is based on a completely new and flexible concept with customized shells. The wires are attached separately, in appropriate lengths, and can easily be replaced by the dispenser.

If your hearing aids that have been calibrated to a Medium or Standard speaker wire, they must be recalibrated if you want to attach a Power speaker to them.