Oticon Pro Wax Guard MiniFit Pack for Oticon Domes


  • One pack contains six (6) wax guards
  • Gray dial acts as a removal tool
  • Protects your ear from ear wax and helps prevent dust from entering into the hearing aids’ canal area
  • Compatible with Oticon miniFIT RITE receiver wires on models such as Oticon Alta, Nera and Ria RITE and miniRITE hearing aids

Ear wax is a main culprit in the malfunction of hearing aids. It eventually finds its way into the sound outlet of the hearing aid and will then partially or fully block your ability to hear.

Oticon Pro Wax Guards are a final defense mechanism preventing wax from getting into the hearing aids. It’s recommended that you check your wax guard regularly for wax buildup, and then clean it, if necessary.