PerfectDry Lux®


The world’s fastest dehumidification of hearing aids with 360° UV-C
*No Drying Briks Required!

The PerfectDry Lux® is an Medical Device for the maintenance and the storage of all types of hearing aids, through a combination of an air fan dehumidifier system and 360° UV-C radiation.


PerfectDry Lux® UV-C
UV-C disinfection and quick drying of hearing systems.

Performance, Quality, Design PerfectDry Lux® has been designed for an optimal fast drying with a real and effective disinfection of hearing systems.
The quality, the design and the optimal size of PerfectDry Lux® make it a perfect setting for hearing systems.

– 30 minute drying time
– 360°C UV-C disinfection
– Forced-air fan drying system
– Quality and sturdiness
– Optimized ergonomics
– Low energy consumption
– Compact case and design (L. 90 mm/3.54 in) – USB or power supply (UL)