Westone DefendEar Hunter Passive Custom Ear Plugs


  • Style No. 39 (DefendEar Hunter Passive)
  • NRR 4, IPIL Rated
  • Suggested uses for impulses below 160 dB peak SPL
  • Otoblast Silicone with Slick-Sil® (anti-microbial low friction coating)
  • Tight, secure fit specific to your ears
  • Hunters Ears require ear Impressions.

Come into our L2L office so that one of our hearing specialists can complete an ear impression for you. It’s the same cost as ordering a DIY kit online and doing it yourself.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself earmold impression kit, you can purchase one in our store.


The Hunter Passive is for hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired. It utilizes small orifice non-linear acoustic filters, and a low NRR of 4 allows for awareness of game and tracking dog sounds, as well as easier communication with hunting/shooting partners. For other impulsive noise environments with impulses below 160 dB peak SPL for adults, employing filters utilizing small orifice non-linear acoustics.

Guns are one of the biggest threats to your hearing. They can cause instant, permanent and irreversible damage to your ears. Did you know that a gunshot produces sounds at 120 – 160 decibels – louder than a jet engine?

Many hunters, police officers, sharpshooters and military personnel avoid wearing basic earplugs because they block out both important safe sounds and damaging sounds simultaneously. Military and hunter’s earmolds solve this problem by distinguishing between good and bad sounds using advanced digital and mechanical technologies.

How Do Hunter’s Earmolds Work?

Hunter’s earmolds use specialized features that eliminate damagingly loud sounds while still letting important, subtle sounds enter your ears. These earplugs can be created using individual molds from your ears or bought as generic plugs. They use an acoustic filter to block out loud sounds while amplifying those at low decibel levels. This way, you can hear rustling twigs, quiet speech and other important but subtle noises while protecting yourself from permanent hearing loss.

Hunter’s earmolds also have a tiny valve opening that is designed to automatically close when hit with sound waves at damaging decibel levels. This valve means your hearing is protected even if you’re not the one shooting a firearm. This feature is highly useful for the police force, military members and people shooting at a range with other gunmen.

Slick-Sil® Anti-Microbial Coating

Westone now offers the advanced technology Slick-Sil® Anti-Microbial Coating as an option on most custom molds and custom ear plugs. Slick-Sil is chemically bonded to the material of the ear plugs or molds during the production process to provide a permanent barrier that is proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria, germs and other pathogens that can cause infection, ear itching, pain and odor.

Slick-Sil attacks pathogenic cells at multiple sites, destroying the microorganism’s physiological and/or reproductive functions. The result is that reproduction is halted and/or the pathogen is killed before it can build up to a population large enough to cause problems. We live in a sea of microorganisms and the ear is a warm, humid environment, perfect for rapid reproduction of the microorganisms that cause us humans the most problem.

With Slick-Sil, you will not have to worry about whether your ear plugs or ear molds are safe to put back in your ears. Regular washing with soap and water is all you need to maintain ear hygiene. No complicated, expensive disinfecting is needed once your ear plugs or molds are treated with the permanent Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating.

As a bonus Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating also eliminates the need for a lubricant. The super slick surface of Slick-Sil treated ear plugs and molds, mean they slide smoothly and fit comfortably in your ears without the need for any kind of messy lubricant.

Please be advised that choosing the Slick-Sil coating may result in darker-colored ear plugs.