Westone TRU™ Musician Ear Plugs (Two Earpieces with Filters)


  • Interchangeable
  • Attenuations of 10dB, 16dB, 20dB, 25dB available
  • Two color choices of filter available (clear and smoke)
  • Numerous color choices for the custom molds.
  • Custom TRU™ molds are made of medical grade Otoblast silicone for years of comfortable and durable performance, even with daily wear.
  • Very low profile TRU™ earpieces are nearly invisible when in the ear, and worn easily under a helmet.

Come into our L2L office so that one of our hearing specialists can complete an ear impression for you. It’s the same cost as ordering a DIY kit in our store and doing it yourself.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself ear impression kit, you can purchase one in our store.


Westone TRU Custom Musician Earmolds are compact accompanied by low-profile and interchangeable filters. The TRU Custom has four levels of attenuation (4 filter options) that are ideal for on-stage, concerts, travel or sporting events. Musician earmold filters are offered in clear and smoke colors.

All Westone TRU Custom Musician Earmolds are interchangeable noise reduction filters (10dB, 16dB, 20dB, and 25dB).

Westone TRU Custom hearing protection is designed to reduce noise exposure while still maintaining sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. Westone TRU Custom Musician Earmolds allow you to protect your hearing by selecting your level of attenuation to match your own unique listening preferences. Each custom earpiece is precisely-fitted to your ear canal to provide maximum comfort and clarity.

We will take your required ear impressions to complete the order.

Slick-Sil® Anti-Microbial Coating

Westone now offers the advanced technology Slick-Sil® Anti-Microbial Coating as an option on most custom molds and custom ear plugs. Slick-Sil is chemically bonded to the material of the ear plugs or molds during the production process to provide a permanent barrier that is proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria, germs and other pathogens that can cause infection, ear itching, pain and odor.

Slick-Sil attacks pathogenic cells at multiple sites, destroying the microorganism’s physiological and/or reproductive functions. The result is that reproduction is halted and/or the pathogen is killed before it can build up to a population large enough to cause problems. We live in a sea of microorganisms and the ear is a warm, humid environment, perfect for rapid reproduction of the microorganisms that cause us humans the most problem.

With Slick-Sil, you will not have to worry about whether your ear plugs or ear molds are safe to put back in your ears. Regular washing with soap and water is all you need to maintain ear hygiene. No complicated, expensive disinfecting is needed once your ear plugs or molds are treated with the permanent Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating.

As a bonus Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating also eliminates the need for a lubricant. The super slick surface of Slick-Sil treated ear plugs and molds, mean they slide smoothly and fit comfortably in your ears without the need for any kind of messy lubricant.

Please be advised that choosing the Slick-Sil coating may result in darker-colored ear plugs.