TruHearing Hearing Aid Benefit Program

My insurance said that I have a 3rd Party benefit.
What does that mean?

It means that your insurance company partners with another company to offer you a discount on hearing aids. The 3rd party provider will typically set the cost of the hearing aids and payment goes directly to them. The 3rd party provider will also give you a list of hearing centers that you can use to take advantage of the hearing aid benefit. Listen 2 Life Hearing Center is within network of most third party providers, including TruHearing, Amplifon, Hearing Care Solutions, Epic/United Health Care, and Your Hearing Network. This means that you can work with Listen 2 Life while also taking advantage of the discounted pricing that your insurance company offers.


How does a 3rd party provider benefit me?

The main benefit of using a third party is that you will pay less out-of-pocket for your hearing aids. Your hearing aids will also come with a specific aftercare plan which includes a set number of office visits, supplies, and warranty period. We’ll discuss all of this with you during your free consultation.


How do I know if my insurance offers a
hearing aid benefit?

The best way to determine if your insurance company offers a hearing aid benefit is to call them directly. If you need help understanding your benefit or next steps, give us a call at (267) 477-1446! Listen 2 Life is happy to guide you through the process.


TruHearing-specific FAQs

Listen 2 Life Hearing Center is within network of most third party providers, including TruHearing. These are typical hearing aid patient questions asked about TruHearing:


My insurance said I have a TruHearing benefit.
What does that mean?

TruHearing is an independent company (3rd Party Provider) that contracts with your insurance to provide discounted prices on high-quality hearing aids, as much as 30-60% off average retail prices. Your insurance has negotiated the low, discounted prices from TruHearing for your benefit, saving you thousands of dollars compared to pricing that patients could get on their own. In addition, you will have access to a vast array of hearing aid models, styles, colors, and features. Choose from Standard, Advanced, or Premium hearing aids. To learn more, check out our Patient Counseling Tool.

Listen 2 Life is in the TruHearing network and we can help you navigate this process and ensure that you receive the best hearing aids at the best prices.


Can I use my TruHearing benefit at
Listen 2 Life Hearing Centers?

Yes! Listen 2 Life is in the TruHearing network. Call us today at (267) 477-1446 to set up your free consultation.


Will it cost me extra to use my TruHearing benefit?

No. TruHearing is a benefit offered by your insurance provider and the only cost to you is the low, discounted price of the hearing aids. TruHearing also offers flexible payment options.


How much do TruHearing aids cost?

TruHearing costs vary by insurance plan. Call us at (267) 477-1446 to set up your free consultation and we can review your specific plan’s costs and benefits.